The care of the territory
The joy of authenticity

The farm Borghese Cavazza is located in the promontory of San Felice del Benaco, a village on the Brescia shore of Lake Garda

The land

IThe place has always had excellent climatic conditions for the cultivation of olive trees la coltivazione dell'olivo

Our plants

The many olive groves extend from the hills to the lake, from the headland of San Fermo to the island of Garda

The climate

The conditions and type of soil allow to obtain an excellent extra virgin olive oil and Garda Dop Bresciano oil

In a corner of the lake, a sun-kissed cove…

Family managed, a daily life made of work, passion and love…


The olive tree, accompanies those who live and visit the lake hills …

Our products

The  fragrance of oil, the flavour of the lake wherever you are 


The term “cultivar” (botanic species) blends in one word the richness of two English terms: cultivation and variety. In agronomy, it describes a specific variety  of oil olive plants. On our farm we carefully preserve the native varieties. We have, at the moment, four precious types of cultivars that, thanks to the commitment and dedication of those in the past, and the present, donate us our oil with a unique taste


Another variety widespread and cultivated in our territory is the “Frantoio”, characterized by long inflorescences that over time turn into small fruit-bearing clusters, thus allowing for a regular and abundant, albeit late, production.

The oil yield varies from 20% to 22%, the colour is dark green with golden reflections. Typical are the aromatic notes of fresh grass, rosemary, celery, with bitter-spicy tones of artichoke and almond.


It is the most rural of varieties; suitable for various types of terrain, easily adapting to various climatic situations. In our meadows, the leccino blooms in May and the olives ripen between late October and the first decade of November.


Originally from Lake Garda, very rustic and resistant to the climatic variability of the area, that is characterized by a typically mild Mediterranean climate. Casaliva blooms in May and normally the ripening of the olives takes place in the first ten days of November.

The olive production is on average constant and the oil yield varies between 20% and 23%. The resulting oil is yellow in color with green-orange flashes. It is an oil of high quality and goodness, fragrant, light with slight bitter and spicy tones.


A species that stands out for its resistance to the cold, it is known as the pollinator par excellence. Its unmistakable characteristic, from which it takes its name, are the hanging branches, long and flexible.

The flowering of this cultivar is abundant and rich in pollen. The maturation of olives tends to be early and yield is on average 13-18%. From the Pendolino cultivar you get a green oil, delicately fruity with slight shades of grass, artichoke, almond and hints of bitter-spiciness.

The Cavazza family, which has always been involved and active in the Garda community, maintains the values ​​that have distinguished it over time