Our History

Our History

It all began in 1880 with the purchase of Isola del Garda by Duke Gaetano de Ferrari from Genoa and his wife Maria Annenkova, a Russian dame who grew up at the court of the Tsars in St. Petersburg. They immediately began a great project for the construction of a Neo-Gothic-Venetian manor and new plantings in the large park, already rich in olive trees and lemons, that was guarded until the end of the 18th century by the Franciscan friars and later by the Lechi da Brescia brothers

Together with the island they also acquired the land along the coasts of Valtenesi including the promontory of San Fermo and various farms that housed families of sharecroppers who, with their precious work, contributed to the care of this land rich in olive groves, vineyards, woods and pastures for dairy cattle.

In 1883

The Duke died and the inheritance passed to his only daughter Anna Maria, married to Prince Scipione Borghese from Rome.

In 1924

His daughter Livia Borghese and her husband, Count Alessandro Cavazza, an agricultural entrepreneur, continued the management of the farm, which at the time had an extension of about 250 ha

Alessandro devoted himself mainly to livestock farming and increasing the vineyards, followed by olive groves and by growing cereals.

Alessandro was a great innovator and brought many improvements to the farms.

The property was divided between the 3 brothers and the island and the lands of San Felice remained to Camillo, a great lover of nature. He studied forest engineering in Canada and on his return he undertook to plant new woods and dedicated himself to the management of the company. He died prematurely and the property passed to his wife Charlotte and the 7 children

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